Ryan moves to Photon Force

Postdoctoral researcher Ryan Warburton has left the group to pursue a career in industry. He is now working at Photon Force as a technical marketing and applications engineer. He also helps with product development. We are sad to see him go, but we know he will be an asset to his new company. Good luck, Ryan!

Jonathan wins Switched On Award at the HW Teaching Oscars

Congrats to Jonathan for winning the Switched On Award at the Heriot-Watt Teaching Oscars!  He gets his name up on the board now.  The award was for "engaging the students with fun experiments" and "not taking himself too seriously" in the course. The nominations for the award were given by his second year Thermal Physics class.    He says he's "very chuffed."

Ryan Joins @HWQuantum

This month we welcome Dr. Ryan Warburton to the group.  Ryan joins @HWQuantum on the QuantIC project.  He will be using the latest single-photon sensitive camera technologies in a variety of applications.  We will look forward to working on these projects. 

Welcome to the group Ryan! 

High-harmonic generation using OAM

In the October 8th edition of PRL we report on the generation of high-harmonic beams of light that carry controlled orbital angular momentum.

Here we show that orbital angular momentum is conserved in the high-harmonic generation process.  We generate beams of light with orbital angular momentum up to l = 15.  

This was work from Genevieve's master's thesis when she was in Ottawa.  Thanks to Eliot for the picture.

Fair-sampling perspective published in PNAS

In the latest edition of PNAS, we report on the duality principle from the perspective of fair sampling. 

We bring the understanding of the duality principle a step forward by theoretically deriving the strongest relations between the visibility of an interference pattern and the which-way information in a two-way interferometer, such as Young's double slit.  This formalism successfully describes tests of duality where postselection on a subset of the data is applied.

Click here for a summary on phys.org



Optimal state discrimination in PRL

Vectors and probabilities in three dimensions

Vectors and probabilities in three dimensions

In the July 11th edition of PRL we report on the optimal state discrimination of high-dimensional quantum states.

High-dimensional states can carry more information and provide more ways to encode messages than a typical two-dimensional state.  Using our technique, we have successfully distinguished non-orthogonal, high-dimensional states without error.  Our technique paves the way for error-free communication at the limits imposed by quantum information science. 

Megan Joins @HWQuantum

Today we welcome Megan Agnew to the group.  Megan comes from Ottawa, Canada, and was awarded a prestigious SUPA PhD studentship to work in Scotland.   We will continue our great work on entangled photonics systems and have some good discussions about grammar along the way.

Welcome to the group Megan!  

@HWQuantum at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

From the 2nd to the 7th of July, @HWQuantum joined up with @HWHorizons and @GlasgowOptics to form Creative Cameras at the 2014 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.  The whole week was a huge success with over 15000 visitors coming to see the cutting edge science on display.  We took 3D images, took video footage with single pixels, and showed the public how to image at the speed of light. 

Imaging rounds corners captured peoples' imagination, and we made it into The Times and the Daily Mail.  Our YouTube video has been seen almost 70 000 times! Huge thanks to the Royal Society for all the support.

Creative Cameras at the Glasgow Science Centre

On Saturday the 21st June the Creative Cameras team took their Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition for a test run at the Glasgow Science Centre.  The 3D photo booth was the clear star attraction, drawing in big crowds with everyone really enjoying themselves.  One girl described the day as "Epic!"  

Francesco starts again

Congratulations to Francesco for winning a Carnegie Trust Scholarship. Welcome back to the quantum optics group.  

He’ll be working closely with the @HWHorizons group so that we can look around corners!