We are developing new methods to enable us to reach the performance advantages of quantum technologies.

The applications we are interested in include secure communication, super-resolution imaging, and photonic sensors.

Precision measurements

Accurately determining the state of a quantum system in a fast, efficient and accurate fashion is one of the challenges faced by experimentalists. We are currently developing new ways to establish a quantum wavefunction through a range of different approaches.


Entangled photonic systems

One of the group's interests is the generation and detection of high-dimensional Bell states and their application to secure communication protocols, such as quantum key distribution and superdense coding.

In collaboration with the Extreme Light group at Heriot-Watt.

Coherent manipulation of single photons using thin films

We are using thin films, either plasmonic metamaterials or graphene, to manipulate single-photon quantum states.   


Light-in-flight Imaging

We are using a camera, developed by the University of Edinburgh, to image at the speed of light.  The camera is sensitive enough and fast enough to film pulses of light traveling through air.